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Please watch the video for an introduction of the nihola

Winter maintenance

Buy a chain spray from a bike shop and lubricate the chain regularly (the brand does not matter).
It is also a good idea to lubricate the front brake arms, this stops water, salt and condensation getting into the brake components (the brake arms are the black parts down by the wheels that move when you pull the front brake).

The best thing you can do to maintain your nihola bike in the winter is to wash the salt (from the bike paths) off your bike. Most car owners remember to wash their cars several times during the winter, but many cyclists forget that bike paths are salted as well.

Recommended tire pressure

Non puncture proof tires: front 3 bar, back 4 bar.
Puncture proof tires: 5 bar in the front and back.


Remember to use your chain lock. Put the chain through the frame of your bike and then around something like a lamppost.
Also keep the receipt and other papers for your bike safe, in case you need them for an insurance claim.