Where are nihola bikes made?

nihola bikes are made in Denmark and France. All nihola bikes are hand-built by professional mechanics and tested in our workshop.

How much weight can a nihola carry?

All nihola bikes can carry up to 100 kg + the rider.

The nihola Flex can carry up to 120kg + the rider. The joint weight for the cyclist, wheel chair user and wheel chair is max 220 kg.

Where does the name ‘nihola’ come from?

The name comes from NIels HOlme LArsen. Niels is a mechanical engineer and has developed all the nihola products and is the owner of nihola bikes.

Why should I choose a nihola bike?

Because it is the lightest cargo bike on the Danish market and is built up of many high quality components. It also has the most stable steering design, just like a car, where the front wheels are able to turn independently from the chassis.

Can nihola bikes be used by handicapped riders?

Yes. Our Rehab range of bikes is specially designed for handicapped riders. The Rehab line includes the nihola Rehab with an opening front and special built-in seats, nihola Low with low frame height and nihola Flex for carrying wheelchairs and there occupants. We often visit our customers to try one of our bikes together with an occupational therapist.

How wide is a nihola bike?

All our models are 89 cm wide. That is the minimum width in relation to stability. Most bike paths are 2 meters wide so there is lot of space. If your Nihola bike is too wide to fit through a tight doorway you can turn the front wheels and walk the bike through diagonally. The bike is then only 84 cm wide.

How solid is a nihola bike?

We strive to use the best quality parts and frame materials available. A nihola bike does not need more service than a 2-wheeled bike. All polished fittings are made of stainless steel. The steering is maintenance free and built so strong that it can never come out of adjustment. Most bike shops can offer service for nihola bikes.

Is there space in the nihola Family for both a carry cot and a larger child?

Yes, a nihola bike has a cabin with a floor that is lower than the center of the front wheels (patented) this gives plenty of space for a carry cot under the child bench. The child bench can be removed without the use of any tools.

How many children can a nihola carry?

We have models that can carry from 2 to 6 children.

How long has nihola existed?

Since 1998.

Do I pay a deposit when ordering a nihola bike?

Please ask your nihola dealer.

Can I pay in several installments or does nihola offer financing?

It is possible for Danish residents to take out a 10 month interest and fee-free loan when purchasing a new nihola. For more information please call or send us an email.

Does the color of the rain hood fade?

The color may fade depending on the weather and whether the bike is parked indoors. We have worked with many manufacturers over the last 15 years and it is unfortunately not possible to get fabric that will not fade with time.
The red hood fades quicker than other colors – you may have noticed this on red parasols.
A hood with print or patterns (e.g. Skulls) tends to fade faster than a plain cover, since the pattern is printed and not dyed. We are aware of this issue and are continually striving to buy the best fabric on the market.

Does the cabin color fade?

The color may fade depending on the weather and whether the bike is parked indoors.
Yellow & red are the most eye catching in the traffic.
Black does not get too hot during summer.

Can the plastic windows of the rain hoods crack – if yes why?

The front window on the rain hood can by multiple folding become white and weakened. During winter with frosty weather the window also tends to become hard, it is therefore very important to avoid folding and rolling the front window up in freezing weather as it may crack.
We have done our best in dialogue with our suppliers trying to find the best type of glazing and are continuously working on it.

Selection and service of gears – Shimano Nexus 8

SRAM has decided to stop the production of the SRAM 7 freewheel after years of red accounts (we can however still deliver our bikes with SRAM 5 and coaster brakes!). Our experience over the years has been that SRAM 7 is not as elegant as Shimano, but less service-intensive. Today, Shimano sits on the world market for internal gearings and we have therefore introduced the Shimano Nexus 8 instead of the SRAM 7.
It is very important that you follow the service instructions from Shimano. This information will be given to you by your dealer.
It is important to note that the  first productions of Shimano Nexus 8 was known for their varying quality – however, the new ones that we use have the same standard as the old familiar 7 speed hub from Shimano.
Remember to follow the service instructions from Shimano and your dealer.